Thursday, July 23, 2009

20090723 New active region forming

Most people will forget about the sun after those special events, but as a solar "addict", I definitely won't. I even hear someone who had become a solar addict after watching a couple of totality.

I setup my Ranger with the new ring, and now the 410 head can be removed and that improves the stability greatly. Don't get me wrong, the 410 head is very stable, but that's its weight and the raised profile on an offset platform which upset the performance of the whole LXD55, now it works very nicely. Good news to me indeed, since it's less than $10 USD to solve this problem.

Let's go back to the photographs, you can see three very bright dots near the center of the solar disc. The prominence loop which we saw yesterday was gone. As you can see from the above shot, the sky was pretty covered... It's not bad since I managed to take two shots!

1509 (GMT+8):-

1511 (GMT+8):-


Michael FUNG said...

Good point for me to remember: we usually forget the "usual" after some "special" events.

Nice sharing!

I did take a leave and go to Tsim Sha Tsui to watch the solar eclipse. I just brought with me a shoe box pin-hole "apparatus" and a binocular for projecting on a card board. The images were small and not very sharp. However, sharing with the passers-by and having fun with thousands of people around was another kind of joy. May I join you in the future?

Oldfield said...

thank you for your comment, yes, please come when there's chance.

more ppl means happier.