Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sun and Moon in the eyes of kids

On the way back home, my little daughter saw the sunset for the first time. She's so amazed by the red disc in front of her, and then she turned to me to ask me a question.

Before quoting her question, I'd like to give a little bit more background first. She's 2 years old now, and in the pre-nursery class, she's in a group called "sun", and so she has a special interest about the sun.

So, what did she ask? She asked me why the sun got no eye! In the school, the sun got eyes and mouth, but the real one got none of these. Funny, right?

And then we're about to arrive home, my elder daughter realized that the moon was "following" her when she's walking, and then she asked.

My wife always said that I'm very successful here, since my daughters always keep looking up.


My little daughter also said, the moon got eyes, but my elder daughter said those were gray patches only... imaginations!

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