Wednesday, March 12, 2008

20080312 Astrophotography through the gap

When I back home, the sun already sank below a close by building. Yes, I used to do astrophotography from inside my apartment through an open window. This shot shows my astrophotography style very well, and I named it "astrophotography through the gap" or in Chinese "狹縫中的天文攝影".

This is a kind of attitude in which:

1. you have limited equipment: I only use a small telescope (45mm aperture), with a small filter (40mm aperture), a very cheap mount, and a slow PC (6 years old!)

2. you have limited space: I only shoot from inside a small window

3. you have limited time: I need to work, need to spend time with my family, I have part time studies, I have...

but I also have a life time passion on astrophotography, so I catch every little chance while I can.

1721 (GMT+8), stacked:-

1721 (GMT+8), single shot from the same AVI:-

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