Sunday, March 09, 2008

Problem found on my DMK/DBK

Recently, I found that there's a problem in my DMK, and in order to see whether it's hardware issue or not, I tried my DBK as well and I found the same problem. In this case, two simple photographs show how:

Normal frame:-

Frame with error:-

Those problematic frames consist of around 0.1% of all frames. However, it's annoying enough for it will confuse Registax. Then I tried to connect the DMK/DBK without the 1394 hubs, problem persists. And then I tried to connect them with another 1394 cable, problem again. Finally, I tried to use another PC, the problem gone.

That means it's not hardware problem of my DMK/DBK. Next, I tried to use the same PC but with Linux instead of Windows, the problem was not there... that means it's also not the hardware problem of my first PC. Therefore, it should be software problem, and it's on the platform, i.e. my Windows XP.

I then tried to re-install IC Capture and the camera driver, again no luck. Re-install some major codec, problem persists.

Still figuring out why...

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