Saturday, March 29, 2008

My 987/988/989 finally!!! 20080329

Telescope: Borg 45ED II
Camera: DMK 31AF03
Close up with Tele Vue 2x barlows

On the camera issue: I've swapped the PCI slot for the Firewire interface and the problem gone! I guess it solves a software issue on the hardware, since by swapping the PCI slot, Windows XP recognized this as a new hardware and so the drivers are re-installed.

Back to the solar imaging session, first batches are in H-alpha, taken with Coronado Solarmax 40 with BF10, close up with 2x barlows:-

1252 (GMT+8), surface detail:-

1254 (GMT+8), prominence:-

1257 (GMT+8), surface detail + prominence:-

1259 (GMT+8), surface detail closeup mosaic:-

1252 (GMT+8), prominence close up:-

Next batch is in white light, taken with APM Herschel Wedge, with ND3 and polarizer:-

1315 (GMT+8):-

Finally in CaK, taken with APM Herschel Wedge with polarizer + Baader CaK filter:-

1320 (GMT+8):-

1321 (GMT+8), close up:-

Seeing was very bad at 3/10, transparency from 8/10 to sometimes 0/10 due to floating cloud, those cloud was pretty fast.

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