Saturday, March 01, 2008

20080301 Sun

The sun is not active in terms of active regions, but there're some very nice prominences around, plus some very interesting long filaments on the surface. Seeing is no good at 3/10, pretty strong wind blowing, and transparency at 8/10.

Equipment used: telescope is Borg 45ED II with JMI NGF-S, camera is DMK 31AF03 from the Imaging Source, filter is from Coronado Solarmax40/BF10. Full disc shots are done at prime focus, and close up with Tele Vue 2x barlows.

Finally a for fun only taken with Tele Vue 5x Powermate, i.e. 325*5/40 = f/40.6, exposure is 1/8s at 780 gain...

First is a full disc shot taken at 1244 (GMT+8):-

Next is a full disc prominence shot taken at 1245 (GMT+8), and within the disc, I overlaid several close up. For the prominence on the top, the 2x one is taken at 1251 (GMT+8), and the 5x one is taken at 1300 (GMT+8), and in the clockwise direction, the next one is taken at 1252 (GMT+8), and follow is another one close by at 1254 (GMT+8), and finally the one near the bottom is taken at 1255 (GMT+8):-

The last shot is taken at 1250 (GMT+8), 2x close up on the filament:-

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