Tuesday, March 11, 2008

20080311 Sun (a bright spot)

Seeing poor at 2-3/10, transparency like 3/10, heavy white haze.

Telescope: Borg 45ED II
Camera: DMK31AF03
Filter: Coronado Solarmax 40 with BF10

1511 (GMT+8), this time, I've under exposed the image a little bit to spare space in the dynamic range to take care of the uneven illumation due to the sweat spot and internal reflection of the etalon, the best result ever!

1512 (GMT+8), prominences... notice that there's no prominences near that bright spot:-

Close up with 3x barlows, 1515 (GMT+8):-

Finally, I have a look with my highest dynamic range device, i.e. my eyes, with my binoviewer... the white spot is very nice, very much brighter than the rest of the sun, it should be a solar flare, I can see a little bit of "thing" rushing up from the solar disc. A very nice view.

There's no white light feature when looked with my Canon 10x30 IS with Baader filter.

Followup observation in 1544 (GMT+8) shows that the bright spot is now dimmer, but still very noticeable.

Remarks: it seems like it's AR985...

Finally, my setup:-

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