Monday, March 03, 2008


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Hey, I just received an email notification that I have won the lucky draw from TIS, and the prize is a DMK 21AU04.AS. Actually, I was thinking about buying a new notebook which has a 6-pin 1394 interface to have a quick setup time for grab-and-go imaging, but now since this camera is running on a USB 2.0 interface, I guess that I can save some money now!

I will want to compare it with my existing DMK 31AF03.AS

The new one will have 60fps at lower resolution, and the chip size is also small so that I will need a reducer to get full disc image in a single shot.

However, it also got slightly bigger pixel size and that could be nice as well.

Smaller chip size might help in the sense of sweat spot issue in H-alpha imaging, and for C mount lens imaging, it should also help to keep down the aberration near the field edge, but of course, it will be as good as if I crop the image of my 31AF03 so it's actually nothing better.

Really hope to receive it asap.

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