Friday, March 14, 2008

Mounting screws found

TG-SP II Autoguiding Project:-

I just found that the mounting screws for my newly acquired 5V 6RPM DC Geared Motor matches exactly with the screws inside my computer acccessories box. Those screws were used on mounting hard drive, CD-ROM, or even the back panel, so I've a lot of them. Feels like they're M3.

However, I found that they're still different, and I found those which match the best with those on the motors.

So next I will need to buy a small plastic board to mount both motors there, and then look for a RJ-12 socket for autoguiding interface, the L298 will be mounted there as well. The last part of the integration will be to find a small plastic box to hide everything inside.


Also I believe that I've come up with a way to mount my Cheapy-ERF as well, it's just a matter to buy a couple of longer matching screws to make a cell with the existing mounting plate. Let's see how it works out.

The size of the screws should be M2.5

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