Sunday, December 09, 2007

On TG-SP II modification again

This is to follow up the modification idea which comes up into my mind earlier this year:-

Idea earlier this year

basically, to make it GOTO will be pretty impossible, since the RA part cannot be cleared in 360 degrees. However, to make it dual axis autoguide-able is still possible. The simplest solution is to add to motors to control the RA and the DEC slow motion knobs, like what I said in the earlier post, by adding a motor there like a motorized focuser to the RA and DEC knobs, it's basically done. ST-4 style signal can be applied to the motors in form of relay signals. No modification of the original circuit is needed as well.

I measured that the shafts are around 6mm.

And I also found a good source of motor, like that from the UK vendor of a system called PFocuser, they can sell nice and light weight motor units alone at moderate cost. At around $100 USD, I could get two motors shipped to my home.

So, the last part is to make a ST-4 style socket to control these two motors, I guess it could be done relatively easy. So then with a Shoestring adapter to output ST-4 style guiding signal, everything will be ready.

So, it's the lighest GEM with autoguiding capability. Let's see.

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