Friday, February 23, 2007

TG-SP II modifications

Yesterday night, I brought out my TG-SP II to recharge the small SLA inside the same box. I took the mount out for inspection, and I found that the RA/DEC slow motion control knobs can be removed easily and they're attached to the shaft like that of a typical focuser.

A sudden thought come to my mind, I wonder if I could add two focuser style motors to it, to replace the original knob for guiding operations?

To make the whole thing even simpler, maybe I could add just a single motor to the DEC part which is not motorized by now? and then to add another circuit to control the existing motor, or to modify the existing hand controller to accept guiding signals?

If that could be done, the TG-SP II will become a dual axis motorized mount, and at the same time, an autoguide-able platform.

I further checked that if I remove the high profile engagement screw of the RA part, it could clear 360 degrees in one direction, and if I remove the motor cover, it could clear in both directions, making it even GOTO capable. Of course, GOTO is not my concern and I think without proper encoders, this kind of open loop GOTO is not worth at all.

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