Saturday, December 15, 2007

20071215 Sun

Seeing is great at 6-7/10, transparency is like 3/10. AR978 is alive and kicking after one week, and it's really huge in size. C5/PST with DMK31AF03.

First shot is the sun at prime focus of my C5 with ERF fit in the front, there seems to be featureless but with a suitable camera, great feature jumps out:

1309 (GMT+8), AR978:-

1312 (GMT+8), hey... I told myself, Shark? em..

1314 (GMT+8), this is a funny shape prominence!

1315 (GMT+8), another shot of the above prominence, alternative coloring scheme:-

1317 (GMT+8), close up of AR978:-

1335 (GMT+8), another close up of AR978:-

I hurt the index finger of my left hand, rather seriously... when I checked if the ERF is secured or not, it really slided out and my finger is pressed in between the heavy ERF and the corrector cell... it's now pretty bad and still pain after nearly 6 hours.

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