Saturday, December 01, 2007

20071201 Solar Observation

Seeing 3-5/10, transparency 6/10. We saw two small active regions in H-alpha, also some very nice prominences all around the solar disc. Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10 are used, some high power shots is by C5/PST setup.

First, we have the shots taken with a Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10, DMK 31AF03:-

1244 (GMT+8), full disc prominence shot, to show the relative position of the prominences of the close up from the rest of this page:-

1247-1252 (GMT+8), full disc 3*2 mosaic, taken with 2x barlows, notice that some frames were blurred by seeing... day time seeing could be that terrible:-

1253 (GMT+8), close up:-

1254 (GMT+8):-

1255 (GMT+8):-

1256 (GMT+8), is that really detached from the solar disc? I doubt...

1302 (GMT+8):-

And the rest below are taken by C5/PST based setup:-

1312 (GMT+8), seeing pretty bad, not sharp, but it's still a nice view in the eyepiece:-

1314 (GMT+8), a hedgerow:-

1316 (GMT+8), that tall long thin prominence together with another otherwise very impressive by itself prominence:-

1317 (GMT+8), this is the same part of the sun as above, but the exposure is lowered to show surface detail, not much there, just a record:-

1319 (GMT+8), AR976 in black/white:-

1319 (GMT+8), AR976 in false color:-

1326 (GMT+8), another close up, orientation of the camera changed:-

1333 (GMT+8), close up of that long thin prominence:-

1337 (GMT+8), this one looked like a character T in the eyepiece, very nice view:-

1338 (GMT+8), somewhere else:-

1342 (GMT+8), this is to attempt to fit both 976 and 977 in the same field, since the sweat spot of this setup is pretty small, it's quite a challenge:-

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