Sunday, December 09, 2007

20071209 Sun (AR978)

So much cloud today! But I got a short time window, managed to get a couple of shots in H-alpha and one more in CaK, Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10, one with a PST etalon or APM Herschel Wedge + Baader CaK. Seeing was 3/10, transparency also 3/10, with so much thin and thick cloud floating around and they really hurt the contrast, anyway, just an record. AR978 is still going strong, and 977 is around the limb, about to disappear from our view.

1511 (GMT+8), full disc H-alpha:-

1513 (GMT+8), 2x barlows, 0.7A:-

1518 (GMT+8), 2x barlows, PST etalon added to get ~0.6A, notice that the QRF on the top left is far more contrasty:-

1523 (GMT+8), APM Herschel Wedge, Baader CaK, 2x, different wavelength, totally different appearance:-

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