Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Solar filter for my Canon 10x30 IS

Just made a solar filter for my Canon 10x30 IS.

The cell is from heavy paper board, and the filter material is from Baader. Since the Canon 10x30 IS is pretty small, I made a single cell for both aperture at once, actually, those materials are left after making a filter for my C5. Since the filter material is for both objectives, it's big enough to be used in a standalone manner, like a solar eclipse shade.

The 10x30 IS is very small, and so I can also hold the filter in place by hand to further secure the snap-on attachment, it adds a sense of security therefore.

With the relatively good magnification of 10x, and the image stablizer, I guess it's going to be a great tool for me to have a quick look to see if there's any sunspots, before I setup my SM40/BF10, or even the C5/PST setup.

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