Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wow! That's the feeling!

I tried my Canon 10x30 IS on the moon again just a few minutes ago. With the earthshine, it gives a truely 3D impression, you saw a huge ball hanging in the sky, with two more bright stars around (1831 GMT+8). Wow! That's the feeling that makes astronomy so attractive!

Chromatic abberation is minimal, it's there if you look for them, and it's like a very thin line of purple and green on the lunar disc, just a very little bit. Craters are well seen with very high constrast.

Finally, a simple shot acquired by a Cosmicar 150mm f/3.8 with 1.5x tele-extender, DMK 31AF03, it's on the soft side, but anyway, it's more for deep sky objects than for high resolution work, field flatness is the prime concern there:-

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