Thursday, November 08, 2007

Taurids on 5th of Nov?

I've setup my DBK 21AF04 with a 2.3mm c mount lens to capture through the whole night from something like 23:xx local time to the next morning, each frame was at 18s exposure at f/1.2, unluckily, I've to shoot through window glass and my focus was pretty poor, after scanning for the whole 13 minutes worth of video at 30fps, I found one suspect only:-

Orion is underlined, the suspect is at the yellow arrow, the orange arrow is Sirius. And the next frame for comparison:-

Just an record, and it can never be sure.

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Tuguldur said...

you're definitely doing an extreme astronomy!!!! I can imagine how 'weird/frustrating' would it it be to do the astronomy be from the cloudy skies of HK, but shooting from inside the window is a darn crazy idea I had never thought of! Amazing one you got there! :)