Wednesday, November 14, 2007

20071114 Catch some sunshine

Transparency 7/10, seeing 2-3/10, sun activity low.

First of all, two shots to compare the effect on the Tmax, both acquired by SM40/BF10/Borg 45ED II at prime focus:-

1509 (GMT+8), optimized for the QRF near the bottom:-

1512 (GMT+8), optimized for even illumination:-

Notice that some surface contrast is compromised if we opt for even illumination.

A prominence only shot at 1513 (GMT+8):-

Double stacked with PST etalon, 1518 (GMT+8), seems like it's the best of both world, you got a prominence extended all the way into the solar disc as a QRF, illumination is quite even, too:-

The b/w version shows better how the prominence and the QRF are indeed one, it's also orientated like the first two:-

Finally, I did a shot soon after sunset, it shows the color of the sky, the moon and Jupiter, plus an aeroplane trail, click for full size:-

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