Sunday, November 04, 2007

20071104 Silent Sun

The sun is very silent today, there's a rather big prominence on one side, but it's too dim to be captured at larger image scale. My C5 based f/10 setup cannot detect it even at 1/30s and high gain. Only my Borg 45ED II at f/8 (stopped down to 40mm) can detect it at 1/30s and high gain. There's a nice QRF however. Seeing is like 3/10, transparency at 6/10.

1550 (GMT+8), SM40/BF10/Borg 45ED II:-

1551 (GMT+8), SM40/BF10/Borg 45ED II:-

I've taken today as a chance to fine tune my PST etalon, now the internal reflection issue is reduced, still here, but it's not very annoying already. Silent sun gives this chance. :-)

A random patch taken at 1546, C5/PST:-

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