Friday, November 16, 2007

Finally 100% sure about Comet Holmes

All the previous observation was uncertain, due to the serious light pollution and the poor sky condition.

Today, I went to a slightly darker place which was a larger football field with no spot light. No constellation could be recognized basically, so it's not really a good place. I arrived there at around 10:10pm, and was very puzzled about where to look. The football field was closed for mantainence, so all I could do is to stay outside and try to look up, there were quite a lot of trees around. It's not a problem if I could go inside, but then I couldn't, and therefore the view was highly blocked. There were some street lights around, too.

When I were about to give up at around 10:30pm, I told myself, why not scan around with my bino? So, I first pointed my Canon 10x30 IS to a bright yellow star, Taurus
it should be. The distinctive star field pattern there could not be mistaken. Then I tried to scan around to find M45, ok, no problem. So, I know where and then... I thought I knew which was Capella, pointed there, confirmed. Feeling confident, I scanned to Mirphak, found. Then a big fuzzy patch of light nearby...

I double checked, cup my hands around the eyepiece, no, it's not internal reflection. Took away my eyes, put back, no, it's not fog or moisture from my eyes.

Yes, it's the comet!!!

Hey, it's big!!! Very big! Even in this light polluted place!

I then setup my C5, it's funny to setup a telescope in the street, but that's ok. With my Pentax 40mm XL, the comet was not very apparent, I would say it's not as good as in the Canon 10x30 IS, I love more sky context, the constrast was not as good as well. The 20mm Japanese Widescan III was no good in this case, I could see the reflection of my eye ball under light pollution, this was not an eyepiece under light pollution. The 13mm Nagler gave the best view, but again, it lacked of context due to the smaller field of view.

I love the view from my Canon 10x30 IS most.

In short, it feels like a brighter M31, it's more spherical, and it's even bigger under light polluted sky. I love this view!

Thank God, I eventually got a good view of it!!!

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