Saturday, November 10, 2007

20071110 Prominence day!

Seeing was 2/10, couldn't support high image scale indeed, transparency also low at 2/10, so it's pushing the equipments indeed. We don't have much surface activity, but the prominences are great.

First is a full disc mosaic to show where those prominences are, two frames stitched together, 1334 and 1335 (GMT+8), Ranger at prime focus:

1338 (GMT+8), Ranger 2x, SM40/BF10:-

1340 (GMT+8), Ranger 2x, SM40/BF10:-

1341 (GMT+8), Ranger/SM40/BF10 at 2x:-

1342 (GMT+8), Ranger 2x:-

1354 (GMT+8), C5/PST at prime focus:-

1353 (GMT+8), C5/PST at prime focus:-

A raw video encoded to MPG, taken by C5/PST with 2x barlows, too noisy and seeing too bad to be processed:-

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