Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cloudy night exercise

It was cloudy, with nothing else to do, I dig out my binoculars to compare, with remote terrestial targets. My Pentax 10x50 PCF III is good, I love the view, it's contrasty and bright. Then, I used my Canon 10x30 IS, to my surprise, the view seems brighter despite the far smaller exit pupil. And the view is even more contrasty, it's wider too. Some remote detail which is not apparently in my Pentax, is eye catching in my Canon. I didn't use the IS button, since I wanted to compare the optical quality. I believe the bigger exit pupil of the Pentax will show up when used in darker location with deep sky objects.

Next, I took out my C5, trying to align the Rigel Quick Finder, I didn't do it after all these years, since I'm only doing imaging on brighter targets, finder is simply not needed. However, I'll want to try Holmes with it soon, so the alignment is part of the preparation, see if I can have chance tonight.

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