Monday, August 04, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse 2008

I'm back, totally amazed by the view.

This view is so unique such that it's a wonderful coincidence of the relative size and distance of the heavenly bodies, and it's also a unique view reserved only for the dynamic range of our eyes.

If you believe in science, you won't easily believe in pure coincidence; if you believe in God, there's no room for sheer chance. So, it's something very very special.

I'll try to write a series of article about the trip, I will try to do it in English and in Chinese. They will not be totally equivalent, but instead, I will just let them to be quite different. Actually, thinking in Chinese and thinking in English will result in differences naturally, so I will let them to be like this. It's a way to improve the "dynamic range" of the expression.


我回來了! 日全食是最特別, 也是最美的天象... 那景像是極其特別! 說它很科幻, 很美, 很驚異, 很獨特, 全都對, 但其實全部都說不上! 天下間根本找不到可以準確記錄這個天象的照片!

這是一個無比的巧合! 就太陽, 地球, 月球的相對距離, 相對大少, 能夠出現日全食, 其實已經是一個極其的難巧合! 還要配合人眼的 dynamic range... 那根本是藝術品, 只有人眼能欣賞! 這就是天地人的巧合, 天人合一的一個天文奇觀!

信科學的人不信巧合, 信神的人也不信巧合, 這確是一個奇景!

我打算把這個寶貴的經歷寫下來, 用中文, 又用英文同時的去寫, 目的主要不是讓更多人能明白, 而更是為了自己能夠用不同的方式去表達, 盡量記下這寶貴的一個行程! 所以我不會刻意讓中英文版同步. 其實用不同的語言去寫, 寫出來的東西就可以加大那個動態表達範圍 "dynamic range".

我大概會把所見所聞分為 "天", "地", "人", "衣", "食", "住", "行"... 當然日後可會更長!

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