Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse - 地/Place

Along the way to Weizixia, there are some really beautiful sights.

Weizixia is a small village indeed, but the local government takes this chance to develop its tourist business. This is a special place built to promote tourism, and in the memory of this total solar eclipse. Don't be fooled by the green floor, it's not real grass but instead all plastics. The dome might host a real telescope later, and the building contains two exhibition hall (astronomy related theme), as well as a room for seminar.

I really hope that it will be really used afterward, but I know it's hard.

Along the way, we can see something interesting, for example, this one. It's a snapshot taken with a 200mm lens on the bus, my best guess is that it's some form of tomb, but later I guess that it's not, since the other tombs are just different.

Maybe some people decided to find something useful there?

I called this one "天山一角" similar to another say "冰山一角" (tip of the ice-burg), again, taken with a 200mm lens from quite far away. Visually these mountains are far more contrasty and feature rich with binoculars.

Without water, we have nothing else. Weizixia is great and can survive the small village because of these water, I believe. They're just cold and enjoyable! They are melted from the snow of the mountain above.

A lovely field view, planting Hami melon.

But then people told me, one planet should host two melons, but in order to make one big, the other weaker ones are removed at their early life. Kind of 兩個只能活一個 (two but can only survive one).

The sky used to be identical in any part of the world, totality is an exception. But for the night sky, it should be the same everywhere. However, because of the light pollution from the land (people), we have difference.




這個旅程確實辛苦,甚至有點讓我覺得自己 out of context... 我意思是說平日的生活被切底打亂了...





當然,這樣艱苦的去追求一個夢,一個別人看起來可能沒有價值的理想 - 親身一看日全食...

就更能叫人重新思索人生... 我想,這個行程,這個地方,確實提供了這樣的一個平台!

無悔 ... 這是一個很好的經驗,日全食以外的一個額外禮物。

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