Monday, August 18, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse - 衣/Clothing

This is probably the shortest part.

Before the trip while I'm packing up my suitcase, I was wondering what sorts of clothing that I should prepare for myself. Normally, in the hot summer, we need some short pants and T-shirts and that's about all. But the weather forecast revealed that it can be as low as 12 degrees Celcius at night!

I bought four sets of summer clothing as mentioned above, wearing one T-shirt and a long pant, and to deal with the potential "cold" weather, I also brought a thicker long sleeve clothing, as well as a water proof jacket, both as the wind shield as well as to keep myself warm.

For the T-shirts, the Hong Kong Astronomical Society has given two specially designed ones for the participants. They're very simple and beautiful, actually, it also helped us to pass the customs since they knew where we were going. They are particularly useful during the Beijing Olympic when security level is much higher than usual.

However, I knew that most of the clothing that I prepared was useless.

First of all, we have no real chance to bath, and so we didn't need to change very often. The dry weather was playing a part too. Despite it's terribly hot during the day, you could hardly get any wet. Finally, we were giiven one more T-shirt sponsored by Bosma, a Chinese telescope manufacturer. So, we actually have far more than enough.


衣食住行, 似乎是生活的基本需要... 但在這個行程之中, "行" 所佔的比重比其它三項都要多!

"住" 差不多差成最不重要, 或許要這樣說, 有地方可以棲身就算了

"食" 其實也差不多, 算是餓不死, 不拉肚子, 也算不錯!

最後, "衣" 也不能理會, 舒適就可以了... 日夜溫差雖大, 但其實晚上也不算太冷... 只有其中一個早上, 我才用穿上一件風褸... 其實不穿也不打緊!

日全食, 就變成了我們一行百多人所唯一進求的東西, 其餘的事情, 也就變得不重要

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