Sunday, August 24, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse: Starry sky

The sky was really great there, there's some light but the sky was also absolutely dark. Deep sky scanning cannot be any easier, since you could see fuzzy patches on the sky, and then you point your binoculars or telescopes there, those were deep sky objects!

The sky was very bright towards the Polaris due to the spot light inside the camping site. I had a very hard time to polar align my mount. I imagined that if I had a better polar scope, the job could be done far easier. But anyway, I was unexperienced in polar alignment indeed, so I didn't be able to capture anything great.

The following images were stacked by using Deep Sky Stacker and then post processed by Photoshop.

Canon 450D, wider field shots were taken with the kit lens at 18mm with aperture stopped down around 1 stop, those closer shots were taken with a 50mm f/1.8 stopped down around 1 stop. Due to the poor polar alignment I could get, the images were downsized, and my 200mm f2.8 was left inside the camera bag.

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