Monday, July 28, 2008

Total solar eclipse trip 2008

I will leave by the early morning of 29th of July 2008.

I will join two friends to take bus to Shen Zhen, and then we will switch to taxi to reach Shen Zhen airport. And in there, we will meet most of our friends for this trip, like over 50 people. After around 8 hours, we will be meeting most of our friends from Hong Kong at Ürümchi.

We will then travel by train to Yiwu, and eventually by bus to Weizixia where we will spend two nights there, as well as to observe the total solar eclipse.

If there's internet access, I will try to report daily. I know blogger can be written from mainland, but not viewed. So, maybe I can write, let's see.

But anyway, I will report when I back home. Stay tuned.

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