Saturday, August 30, 2008

20080830 Jupiter (Ranger and C5)

Jupiter was rather low in the sky, and so please expect a lot of atmospheric dispersion.

First up was my Tele Vue Ranger, with Tele Vue 5x Powermate. This was a test of my recently self adjusted objective, last time the image was so bad and from the images below, I knew the problem was fixed.

2325 (GMT+8):-

2328 (GMT+8):-

TIS DBK 21AF04 was used to capture the images. Seeing was very bad at 1-2/10, transparency was like 7/10, pretty good.

Next up was my Celestron C5 at f/30 by using a Tele Vue 3x barlows, again the poor seeing was further magnified by this setup, so we have virtually zero detail.

2350 (GMT+8):-

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