Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lunt's product finally reach some customers

Here is probably the first user report:

The author is an experienced solar observer who owned a PST as well as a Solarmax 90. And at the time of the review, he has them for comparison as well.

For me, the bright solar disc and the poor contrast means internal reflection. Of course, the weather played a role.

And the prominence in the small region of etalon tuning is a result of small sweet spot, and this is unlikely a result of the weather. Poor weather will kill detail, but it will not be affected by etalon tilting.

A report which indicates that the product is less than desirable. Of course, we can wait for further reports, but at least I won't go for a product like this.

Some people said that the report is no good or unfair, due to the weather condition, as well as some of the comment from the author like the objective might not serve any real function, but then I would say it's not a major issue for a reviewer to know much about the product design. I mean you don't have to know all the design detail to appreciate the view. I doubt anyone will need to understand a Nagler eyepiece design well to appreciate the beautiful view. But I am sure that the author knows what is a wonderful view for he has a Solarmax 90. And since he has been in solar observation for two years, he knows how the weather will give a discount on the view.

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