Sunday, July 20, 2008

20080720 Jupiter

Seeing no good, I would say it's like 3-4/10. I can hear the sound of nearby air-conditioners. Transparency is like 5/10 and sometimes dropped to 3/10 with thin cloud. The collimation of the C5 is not very good, but it's acceptable and since it's a quick session, I didn't fine tune it. I shall make it better next time when I've time.

Telescope: Celestron C5
Camera: DBK 21AF04 for color, DMK 31AF03 for monochromatic
Barlows: Tele Vue 3x

2316 (GMT+8), the family of Jupiter at f/10:-

2320 (GMT+8), at f/30 by DBK:-

2328 (GMT+8), at f/30 by DMK:-

After the imaging session, my wife arrived home after work. I invited her to have a view and she's amazed by the view. I love the same view for sure, I always say visual observation is always more attractive for me.

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