Saturday, July 05, 2008

4-5 July 2008 Night Sky!

It's a great night at home. Transpareny is like 7/10, seeing rather poor at 3-4/10. I spend the first few minutes to scan around with my Canon 10x30 IS, M7 is very beautiful there, and I can detect a hint of M4 as well. Jupiter is hanging around with its satellites, but it's not yet in good position for imaging from inside my home.

I used my Canon 450D with the 200mm f2.8L to shoot a few M7, then I switched to the kit lens at 17mm for a few wide field shots. Finally, I dig out my C5 for Jupiter with my DBK. My barlows and the DBK are dusty. I'm dusty too, for I spent over 10 minutes just to locate Jupiter in my C5! It shouldn't be that hard. I took a few clips at 2x, and then at 3x.

First are the C5 shots, here are two taken at f/20:-

0045 (GMT+8):-

0046 (GMT+8):-

And then those taken at f/30:-

0052 (GMT+8):-

0053 (GMT+8):-

My barlows were very dusty, I was too sleepy to clean them so I just move the Jupiter around the CCD by using guide speed "slewing" and so the dust were averaged out like noise.

Most of the images taken with the 200mm f2.8 is not tracked nicely, anyway, here I include one which has 15s exposure time, processed, cropped and scaled:

It's M7.

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