Monday, July 21, 2008

Several lists of items

To do before the total solar eclipse trip:-

  1. Get some more RMB - done
  2. Traveling insurance - done
  3. China mobile phone card add value - done (valid until 2009 March, ~ RMB 240 remains)
  4. Fill in the useful phone numbers, air-ticket copy, traveling insurance copy in the observation trip hand book - done
  5. Check and tidy up the screw box - done
  6. Replace the 9V battery inside the JMI controller - done
  7. Sun lotion and mosquito repellent - done
  8. Enhance the DIY USB battery box - done
  9. 地蓆 - done
  10. Snack, 即沖麥皮, Chewing Gum, and Eclipse! - pending
  11. lipstick
To pack list (backpack):-

  1. Traveling documents (make copies)
  2. Air tickets
  3. mp3 player
  4. Keys
  5. Mobile phone
  6. Observation hand book, magazine
  7. Light jacket (rain resistant)
  8. Rain coat for the backpack
  9. A small ball pen
  10. Canon 450D, 50mm f/1.8 II, 200mm f2.8L, Kenko 2x, Kit lens, mount ring
  11. Borg 45ED II, NGF-S hand controller
  12. One pack of tissue
  13. 棉花棒, 牙簽, 小毛巾
  14. Blower blub, lens pen
  15. Memory card (2G + 8G)
  16. Notebook
  17. Solar filter
  18. Illuminated reticle, 2x barlows, 20mm widescan, 1.25" diagonal
  19. 黑色團衫
To pack list (brief case):-

  1. TG-SP II with power cable, hand controller, polar scope with mounting plate, USB power cable, dovetail plate, counter weight and the shaft
  2. Gitzo G106 with Manfrotto 410 head
  3. Screw box with only suitable screws
  4. A big roll of tissue
  5. 地蓆
  6. Pocket Sky Atlas
  7. Mobile phone charging/hot sync cable
  8. MP3 charging cable
  9. Notebook charger
  10. 涼鞋
  11. Plastic bags * 3
  12. 長褲
  13. Chinese socket adapter * 2
  14. Small torch
  15. Compass
  16. Empty water bottles
  17. Card reader
  18. 3 small packs of tissue
  19. Personal medicine
  20. 板藍根 and 即沖麥皮
  21. Some snacks (packed bread, candies)
  22. AA battery charger
  23. Under-wears * 4, 短褲 (sleep and daily), T-shirts (2 sets + 團衫), socks * 3
  24. Shampoo, bathing lotions, bigger towel for bathing
  25. Shaver
  26. 牙刷, 小杯, 牙膏
  27. Sun lotion, mosquito repellant
  28. Comb

Additional remarks:-

27 July afternoon: bolded items are packed and ready, but the suitcase and the backpack is over 90% occupied. The items have to be very carefully arranged so that the suitcase can close. Very crowdy indeed. For the current situation, I guess that I'll not have any space to bring any more items.

I'm feeling hesistated to take the bigger suitcase, for "hard bed" train has very limited space for lugguages.

27 July late afternoon: Finally moved to the bigger suitcase, now I can pack a few more stuff but still have plenty of space left (40%+). Not bad indeed, just expect some problem for the taxi trip from Shen Zhen border to airport, as well as the overnight train trip.

27 July night: suddenly got an idea about borrowing a suitcase, I went to my parents' home to look for suitable candidate, found it, too it back home. It's a perfect fit I would say!!! The big one left too much empty space so that the items inside can shake around like a blender! But this one fits my items in very nice, it left around 15% space so that I can stuck the rest of the items inside and still leave some rooms to put something which I might buy during the trip. Very nice indeed, this is a perfect solution!

Better yet, this one is also rain proof, unlike my big one which is not.

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