Saturday, July 26, 2008

20080726 Sun

I measured the time required from setup to finish, it's just 14 minutes.

My LXD55 is left on the window platform. And on pushing the legs of the tripod to the windows, the polar alignment accurate enough for solar imaging. Plug in the power supply, plug in the Autostar controller and it's ready to go.

Next is to open the window security cage, attach the dovetail with the Borg 45ED II to the mount, yes, I usually screwed the Solarmax 40 on the Borg before attaching it to the mount. Next is to find the sun by minimizing the shadow. Insert the blocking filter, make sure the sun is inside the field of view. Then plug in the DMK and it's ready to go.

I will first overexpose the solar disc a little bit to tune the Tmax, to remove the uneven illumination in particular. Then I will adjust the exposure back to the normal level and it's ready to go. After the surface detail exposure, I will do a prominence only exposure by pushing the exposure up. Then it's done.

Seeing is like 3/10, transparency is something like 5/10.

1410 (GMT+8):-

1411 (GMT+8):-

The sun is very similar with yesterday, that filament/prominence is still there.

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