Friday, September 21, 2007

20070921 Moon by an astronomy addicts

The transparency is oh so low, it's something like the worst other than totally cloudy. Seeing is bad too. The moon is the only visible target, deep yellowish, closer to orange/brown maybe.

With my Borg 45ED II at prime focus (f/7.2), even 30 fps will be too fast since the shutter is 1/15s. I even tried a 2x barlows in the next shot, and it means 1/8s exposure, i.e. 7.5 fps only.

2254 (GMT+8):-

2255 (GMT+8):-

2300 (GMT+8), 2x barlows:-

Why I still setup my gear under this poor situation? It simply proves that I'm nuts, an astronomy addicts who just want to do some astronomy whenever not impossible (I'd rather not say whenever possible for it's really whenever not impossible is closer to reality).

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