Sunday, September 09, 2007

20070909 Sun

The sun moved to a favorable location from inside my home, no need the long mounting plate to extend the Borg outside of my apartment window any more, I hope to try out my C5 soon.

Very little activity, several small prominences, seeing 5/10, transparency 2-3/10.

Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10, DMK 31AF03, PST etalon:-

1507 (GMT+8):-

1508 (GMT+8):-

We soon got cloud out after these two shots, originally I wanted to try to compare the above to a setup without PST etalon if the sky was still clear enough.


Tuguldur said...

you've got a nice blog there! could we link to each other? :)

Oldfield said...

you got a very nice blog too, I've added a link to yours.