Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Peltier Cooler

The outside. The box is a name card box, all the wires are connected to the power socket, i.e. the Peltier module and the CPU fan shares the same power supply. I've tested the setup with 5V (from USB port) to 12V, they work well within this range. You can also see a DIY USB power cable.

The inside. All those ugly wiring can be seen, the Peltier is installed with blue tack, both for insulation and to keep dew out of the box.

The Peltier is installed on the left side, since I found the amplifier glow is seen on the top left. You can also see the power socket on this side.

The back, nothing except a Firewire socket.

The bottom, we can see the mounting plate, with 1/4" sockets.

I shall find a better mean to keep it mounted and yet removable from the camera. Also, I need to find ways to keep dew out, i.e. the shield the gap between.

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