Wednesday, September 26, 2007

20070926 C5 Sun

It's the first chance which I used my own PST, the sun finally goes to a nice position from inside my home. No big thing there on the sun, but some tiny stuff become big at 1250mm or even 2500mm! Small etalon becomes a big one, small prominence becomes a big one, too.

Seeing was no good at 1-2/10, transparency quite nice at 3/10.

All taken with my C5, a cheapy-ERF, a PST etalon, BF10, and a DMK31AF03, with or without a Tele Vue 2x barlows:-

1342 (GMT+8), f/20:-

1345 (GMT+8), f/10:-

1354 (GMT+8), f/10:-

1355 (GMT+8), f/10:-

1356 (GMT+8), f/10:-

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