Saturday, September 22, 2007

20070922 Narrow band H-alpha Solar shot

The sky was no good, but transparency is a bit better than that of the last night, I'd rate it as 3/10, seeing is still bad at 2/10 at most. Borg 45ED II, DMK 31AF03, Coronado SM40/BF10 filter set.

The solar disc is very quiet, we got only one small but tall prominence, and a few QRF on the surface.

1327 (GMT+8):-

1329 (GMT+8), prominence only:-

1330 (GMT+8), image pending.

Finally, I made a shot with my window closed, to evaluate how worse the image would become. I still have the remote solar imaging project in mind, but the limiting factor would be that, I'll not be able to keep my window wide open during the day, due to the children at home, as well as sudden rain, etc. The quality below would mean that maybe I'll have to give up?

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