Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Packaging the Peltier Cooler

Found a small piece of thin plastic, hope it's large enough. A socket will be cut for the Peltier module, while the heat sink, and the fan will be on the other side, I will also mount a 12V power socket there, and this plastic mounting board will be used for holding the wires.

The whole thing will then be mounted on the DBK/DMK by using elastic band, those used for garments, and Velcro tapes so that it will be removable and re-attachable.

The plastic mounting board is from some existing parts, the elastic band and the Velcro tape amounts for $4 HKD, really cheap :-)


Finally, I've used a small plastic box which holds my name card when it comes from the printing factory. It's large enough to hold everything, but small enough to be very portable.

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