Sunday, September 30, 2007

20070930 Sun

Seeing was 1-2/10, transparency 0-2/10, cloudy moved in and out.

Tried red filter + Ranger + PST etalon and it does not work at any configuration, both PST-BF5 or regular BF10, with the 2.5x in front of the nosepiece of PST etalon, all failed. I suppose that it takes closer to f/10 to make it work.

Next was Borg 45ED II with SM40/BF10, of course, it works, but the contrast was low due to poor transparency. Adding a PST etalon did help a bit.

1512 (GMT+8), SM40/BF10, <0.7A:-

1517 (GMT+8), SM40/PST/BF10, <0.6A:-

All taken with Borg 45ED II.

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