Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lunar observation 20070207 (around 5:30am)

Got such a strange observation chance, originally wanted to see if I could get a Saturn or two, but found that it's already too low. Indoor imaging is strange since you got only an hour or two time frame to shoot your target everyday and the time is shifting. Saturn is never well placed inside my home, and I guess it might be out of place with an EQ mount, previously even a Giro mount would have an hard time.

Better try again later at around 1:00a.

The moon, however, is also fun, that's why I did this. Seeing 3/10, low frequency type, transpareny pretty high at 6-7/10, with some cloud passing, not a big issue.

Most images are of rather poor quality, if it's not the last one which is not too bad, I would say it's due to poor collimation, but it's now more like poor seeing:-

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