Monday, February 26, 2007

PST project

After posting WANTED ads in a local forum and astromart, I got several response since I believe my offer is pretty attractive indeed. Anyway, I will get a rusted PST at a good price. I'll do the following towards my project:-

1. Stage one: use the PST as-is, with minimal modifications

- to explore it full potential, use it with my DMK
- double stack it with my SM40
- to use it remotely (since everything is internal, it's safe)

may need to remove part of the focuser tube for focusing.

2. Stage two: heavy modifications

- unscrew the golden tube, don't cut it; unscrew the black focuser part, don't break it
- custom make 1.25" barrel (item 1)
- custom make 1.25" visual back (item 2)
- custom make cell with set screws for my Cheapy-ERF (item 3)


- use with my Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10, for double stacking as internal module (bandwidth)
- use with my C5, Cheapy-ERF as large aperture at 1A (resolution)
- screw back together as a PST again (portability)
- use with Herschel Wedge + refractor (need to solve focus travel issue)

Stage one deadline will be April 2007, and to start stage two by then.

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