Sunday, February 25, 2007

20070225 CaK First Light

Last night, the heavy rain cleared away all the fog and also gave a clear sky this morning, but I was in the church by that time. When I back home, the sky was all covered, I prayed inside my heart, I really hope to test my new 2nd hand Baader CaK and soon I got some cloud gaps, today, I tried CaK with my Borg 45ED II, my C5, and later also did an IR with my Borg, and then a few H-alpha with my SM40/BF10.

I also made up my mind to hunt for a 2nd hand PST to double stack my SM40/BF10 on the cheap, and to scale up with larger scope with my Cheapy-ERF but that would be a more long term project.

Back to today's observations:-

AR944, C5 + Baader visual film + Baader CaK:-

Borg 45ED II + APM Herschel Wedge + Baader CaK:-

Same as above + 2x Barlows:-

SM40/BF10, Borg 45ED II, full disc:-

Same as above + 2x:-

2x again:-


Finally, a failed mosaic, taken from 1605-1610:-

as you can see, a certain frame is darker, since cloud rolled in during its capture, and the missing piece was just next to it. Click for full size.

Stuff used:-

After several hour, here's a sunset, it's not that red normally, since it's not really too low in the sky, but just sink behind the tall buildings:-

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