Friday, February 09, 2007

Collimating my C5 and M41 Located

First task of tonight is to make my elder daughter to sleep. Next, I took out my C5, aimmed it at Sirius, plugged in my DMK to do collimation, I found the seeing pretty bad but my C5 is at least quite collimated indeed.

A video of the out of focus image of Sirius:-

Image shift is there, but not too bad.

Took off the scope, try to locate M41, quite easily done. Push up the Fujinon 75mm to shoot, 548 gain, 4s exposure * 64:-

Next is the Cosmicar 150mm, 570 gain, 8.158s * :-

Unable to locate M46/M47 due to light pollution and poor transparency.

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