Saturday, February 03, 2007

20070203 Solar

Alby (my elder daughter) changed her piano class schedule, thus occupied my playing room (which is also her piano room) until quite late, so not much time to shoot today. Did an experiment to use my 52mm 850nm IR pass filter with the Herschel Wedge.

Transparency improved a bit (5/10) but with moving cloud, more contrast today, seeing still sucks (2/10).

1251, IR Pass, Borg 45ED II, APM Herschel Wedge, DMK 31AF03, ND3:-

1258, SM40/BF10, Borg 45ED II, DMK 31AF03, really push up the prominence part:-

1300, same setup as above + 2x barlows, close up of 940/941:-

1303, another close up AR941:-

An alternative approach to capture full disc, taken around 1305:-



1313, close up of a prominence:-

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