Wednesday, February 07, 2007

M45 Located

Funny, since it's urban environment. M45 is the first deep sky object which I discovered by myself independently. Tonight, I re-discover it again with my DMK, using a platform plate plus a 410 head so that I can shoot the zenith indoor.

This setup is optimized from the one last time, the 410 is used instead of the ball head, which is strong and also more flexible.

First shot is by Fujinon 25mm c mount lens at f/1.4, 4.841s (600 gain) * 64 shots:-

Second shot is by Fujinon 75mm c mount lens at f/1.8, 5.761s (540 gain) * 256 shots, this nearly filled up the field of view:-

Too short exposure to reveal anything than stars, I tried to push the exposure to 6s, and it's then all white.

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