Thursday, May 29, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse Setup: Integration testing

Finally got time to put everything together.

The TG-SP II can take my Borg 45ED II with my Canon 450D + Kenko 2x + Canon 200mm f2.8L without problem and what's so impressive is that, I don't even need to use more than the bundled counter weight!

But anyway, I will bring one more counter weight in case needed. Since I still didn't put the DMK and the Solarmax filters in place, but they're pretty light.

The Canon is front heavy with the 200mm, so the counter weight requirement is different for different side of the meridian. So, I guess I will buy a mounting ring for the Canon 200mm f2.8L to make the setup in better balance.

Okay, time for picture, note the position of the counter weight.

With the kit lens, everything is in good shape, since the whole thing is so light, there's no problem.

With the 200mm, the camera becomes front heavy, different counter weight is required for different side of the meridian.

With the 2x teleconvertor, the camera becomes even more front heavy. A mounting ring is going to solve the problem, and the mounting ring will also allow me to adjust the orientation of the camera so that I can frame the target field in a more flexible way.

A Intes dovetail bar is used for mounting both the camera and the Borg at the same time. The Borg will be used with H-alpha filter system (Coronado Solarmax 40 + BF10), and the Canon 200mm with 2x will be used with white light filter. During the eclipse, I might put a Konica Minolta Z5 there to take video as well.

Finally, the same setup will be used at night for simple wide field shots, but in that case, I will only use the kit lens and the Canon 200mm f2.8L at prime focus without the Kenko 2x. The Borg will be used with a Meade 9mm illuminated reticle eyepiece for guiding purpose.

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