Saturday, May 24, 2008

20080524 Sun

The sky is pretty good, I would say the transparency is 7/10, maybe due to the short shower this morning. Seeing is like 4/10, not bad. Not much solar activity today, only a couple of small prominence (dim, too), as well as short filament, and a very weak active region, maybe the remnant of one of the active regions found a couple of days ago.

Telescope: Borg 45ED II
Filter: Coronado Solarmax 40 with BF10
Camera: DMK 31AF03

1349 (GMT+8):-

1350 (GMT+8):-

Finally, a white light shot taken with my new Canon 450D, with Kenko 2x teleplus and Canon 200mm f/2.8L wide open, the first only is cropped only, and the second one is further processed. Thousand Oaks Type 2+ Glass filter is used.

This shot is a test shot, this combination will be used in my total solar eclipse trip. The solar disc size seems okay, not too small especially with a compact setup like this. And then for image quality, I shall try again when there're sunspots on the disc.

Cropped only:-

Further processed:-

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