Friday, May 23, 2008

My First DSLR

I have purchased my first DSLR yesterday, it's a Canon 450D.

Why I've chosen a 450D is that, I want Live View but I don't want to weight of a 40D. The new better quality kit lens is also one of the motivations. That effectively saved the money for a wide field lens as well as a daily usage lens.

Together with the 450D, I also bought a Canon 200mm f/2.8L. This is one of the most "economical" L prime lens which performs good even on stars. It is fast, and it's also light weight. That makes it suitable for my Takahashi TG-SP II, to form a very portable wide field setup. I believe that I won't become serious on deep sky imaging, so this lens is the entry level ticket for me, as well as to let me do "something" even in non-astronomy oriented trip. This lens is paid by my wife, she insisted to pay for me. Somehow it's hard to have a wife to go shopping for this kind of things with you, and it's even harder to have a wife who will even pay for you. :-)

I am going to buy adapters for my Borg 45ED II as well.


On the next day, I also bought a screen protector and a Kenko 2x. Enough for this moment. After several months maybe I will also buy a 50mm f/1.8 (or f/1.4?) as well as a wide angle, or even fisheye lens.

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