Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Double Pass: a failed design?

Just received this:

Sounds like the double pass design is not working very nicely, even the manufacturer gave it up and got back to double stacking.

What makes Lunt so interesting is that, they're going to produce something new, innovative and also set a new price point! However, now without double pass, their offering is like gradual improvement over the old company.

Yes, we have so many nice improvements here and therefore, and we also have a better price point, most probably. But then, it sounds like that we will be getting similar product at the very core.

What's changed over the similar offering:

1. A bigger objective
2. A singlet vs a doublet (not exactly a good thing?)
3. Narrower bandwidth promise
4. Less sweet spot promise
5. A better focuser
6. No more built-in solar finder (a bad thing)

Not as attractive as before, obviously. The good thing is that, they're going to keep the same price at first, despite they're going to double stacking. But that would be changed very soon.

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